Tales from Roach Sailing Association Newsletters (and other sources)

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September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

RSA supports the Calais Rally (Brian Browne)

Escape from the USA (Steve Noble)

A trip to Clacton Air Show (Rob Ayre)

Corinne Chronicles (Aleck Poole)

Briar Rose in Orkney and Shetland (Shaun Hetherington)

Briar Rose – the voyage home (Graham Pelling

Havengore buoyage update

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

RSA celebrates 50 years

Racing and Awards 2022

Ciel Bleu: Paglesham to Grenada (Jon Walmsley)

Briar Rose Greek Odyssey (Shaun Hetherington)

Admiral Lord Cochrane (John Apps)

A short history of the RSA (John Langrick)

Members ideas for the future


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

RSA East Coast Cruise (John Langrick)
Hmm, where’s that oil coming from? (Brian Browne)
SWAMPED! (John Apps)
Ciel Bleu cruising upgrades (Jon Walmsley)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Special Electric Edition
Arelia's Jester Azores Challenge 2021 (John Apps)


RSA Cup Winners summary 2021

September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

The Long Tow (John Apps)
Getting Ashore (safely)(Richard Bessey)
Inspirational Navigators - Vasco de Gama(Shaun Hetherington) (Richard Bessey)
Round Britain (Graham Pelling) 2021 East Coast Cruise (John Langrick)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

If Napoleon had been a sailor (John Apps)
Corrine Chronicles II (Aleck Poole)
Restoring Pudmudle - again (Richard Bessey)
Memories of Havengore Bridge


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Circumnavigating Potton Island (Graham Pelling)
BRIAR ROSE, Start of season (Shaun Hetherington)
IMOTHES to Pyefleet 2020 (John Langrick)
Love at first sight (Ermal Krutani)
Round Britain Voyage 2007 (John Aplin)
Hey Potton WASUP (Jon Walmsley)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Leros to Corfu (Shaun Hetherington)
Carry on Corrine (Aleck Poole)
First Aid for solo sailors (John Apps)


February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

A New Yacht for the President (Mike Green)
Havengore and Potton bridge plus RSPB Wallasea project (Ken Wickham)
A new Yacht for Vince (Vince Lowen)
Mystical (Steve Noble)

September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Lotus'summer cruise (Ken Wickham)
Lucy's trip to foreign lands (Nick Turner)
Heligoland (John Apps)
A typical day on the river(Jon Walmsley)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Bleeding diesel engines (Aleck Poole)
The Gracilda Cup (Alice Noble)
Winter Series on the Roach (Ken Wickham)
Sheer Terror or absolute Splendour (John Apps)
From the log of Ambition II (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Ambition II: the big cruise (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
The Building of a Bermudan Sloop - the Halloween story (Rodney Choppin)
Seagull Seagull (Aleck Poole)

Ambition II Atlantic blog 2017-18


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Jessica's log
TRIUMPHANT and LADY ANNE 2017 (John and Sheila Quillam)
An eventful 24 hours (Shaun Hetherington)
My first trip up the East Coast (Ava Lowen age 18 months)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

AMBITION II Scotland log part 1 (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
Cat and the Bat (Jon Walmsley)
Bornholm, Island in the Sun (John Apps)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Sambuca sailing log (Dave Pierce)
AMBITION II Scotland log part 1 (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
Two Cruises 2016 (John Langrick)
The ad on the internet (Steve Noble)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Corrine to Lowestoft (Aleck Poole)
Triumphant in Belize (John and Sheila Quillam)
Ambition II (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Sandy's first East Coast Cruise (Rob Jennings)
The Ray Sand Channel (Richard Bessey)
Eider Keil Skagarrak or Limfjord (John Apps)
CORINNE makes Pyefleet and contacts the East Coast Cruise (Aleck Poole)
IMOTHES Sambucca Cup challenge (John Langrick)
PGSC 2015 (David Hanchett)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

The Most Extraordinary Place on Earth (John Apps)
DESTAYE Journey across the North Sea to Flam (Shaun Hetherington)
SEVERN – Rivers Class Yacht 1912 (Dave Pearce)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

2014 RSA Cruises (John Langrick)
Around Wallasea in WINKS (Sambucca Challenge) (Richard Bessey)
Plenty of Fish in the Sea (John Apps)
Up the Eider River (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
A quick once round Holland with John, Peter and Clem aboard IMOTHES (Clem Freeman )
SPARKLE on the Roach (David Hanchet)
PAKLJHAWA Ping! (Jon Walmsley )
Master of all he Surveys? (Anne Boulter)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

CONTESSA OF WESTON’s Sambuca Challenge (Ian Hewett)
Tony Hudson and SNIPE (John Langrick)
PAKLJHAWA Goes East (Jon Walmsley)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

REMIS VERLESQUE (RV) challenge and East Coast trip (Kay Callahan and Vince Lowen)
PAKLJHAWA Goes West (Jon Walmsley)
RAVENS Progress
2013 Cruises in IMOTHES (John Langrick)
From Wight to Ushant (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Pascua to Pape’ete via Pitcairn (John Apps)
Hosteller’s 2013 Summer Cruise (Mark Smith)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

The Cruise Part II (David Hanchet)
Carry on Down Channel (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
CORINNE Makes The East Coast (Aleck Poole)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Some history (John Langrick)
Parrot in Panama (John Apps)
It’s a Dream (Peter Watson)
Dinghy cruising at the Semaine du Golfe Part 1 (Gerald Turner)

RSA yacht to paradise (pdf) John Margarson's account of the Jester Azores race 2012


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Not calling all ships
Not the PSGC Summer Cruise
Dom’sfirst trip in SWANTI
SUSIE’s‘Weekend’ Trip
IMOTHES' Summer Cruise
Out and about in Pickled Pajamas

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Steak and Oysters
A Warram Tiki catamaran
Restoring Susie
Jester Challenge
Around again with Destaye


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Sea Jay's log
The Gentleman's Cruise
Philomelle in Sweden

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Triumphant in Guatemala (Sheila and John Quillam)
Folkboat Rodingen (Mary Hare)
Philomelle in Denmark (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Not the Atlantic again... (John Apps)
Imothes in France (John Langrick)
Foreign food (Richard Bessey)
Pyefleet and beyond (Alec Pool)
Tales from the river (Mark and Chrissie Flitter)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Commissioning Monndancer (Brian brown)
Update from South America (John and Sheila Quillam)
Return of Destaye via the Scillies (John Langrick)


Log extracts from Triumphant (John and Sheila Quillam)

September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Jester Challenge to the Azores (John Apps)
Imothes in France (John Langrick)
Philomelle in France (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

A brief visit to Sydney (Richard Bessey)
Square Rig cruise (Ken Wickham)
News from Triumphant (John and Sheila Quillam)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Three men in a boat (John Langrick)
Dawn raid (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
Atlantic double cross (John Apps)
Ibiza to Croatia (Jon Walmsley)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

From London to Paris River (James & Shaun Hetherington)
Nancy of the yawl Philo (anon)
Dick Churn (obituary)
Norweigian Log (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

The first Mudcatcher's Cup (Richard Bessey)
When the storm forms around you (John Apps)
Gemini, twice to Pin Mill (Ken Wickham)
Exploring Barling Creek (Steve Dowding)
Triumphant's progress (John and Sheils Quillam)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

A day out on the water (Shaun Heatherington)
So you think you are ready for a West to East Atlantic Crossing? (John Apps)
Scilly to Alderney (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
Holiday of a lifetime? (John Langrick & family)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Restoration of Boom Boat Dally
Brandy Hole series (Steve Dowding)
To the Scillies (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
Benfleet rally - a ditch crawlers guide (John Langrick)
I don't like brussels sprouts either (John Walmsley on an Atlantic crossing)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

The Beacons (Richard Bessey)
Tiny Mite (John Whittingham)
A Partner's lot is not a happy one (poem by Anne Boulter)
From the Roach to Australia - the eay way (John Langrick)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

The Jo(h)ns' top ten sailing tips (one of the Jo(h)ns)
My first East Coast cruise (Shaun and Ben Hetherington)
Kingsley Varcoe 1913-2004
Follow that ship! (Richard Bessey)
New decks for Philomelle (Richard Bessey)
Paglesham Regatta 1974

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Paglesham to St Peterberg (and back) (John Walmsley)
Laying up in Talinn (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
To Maldon with the OGA (John Langrick)
A quick trip to France (John Apps)

Triumphant voyage update from Madiera (John and Sheila Quillam)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Paglesham Yacht Race (John Perry)
Fambridge Rally (John Langrick)
East Coast Cruie (John Langrick)
Fahrting rund der Ost See (John Ap
The journey to Hel (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Delivering Philomelle (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
Baltic or Bust (John Walmsley)

Professor Peter Quillam OBE (1915-2003)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

HMS Beagle (Rodney Choppin)
Freisian cruise (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
Brilliant bash for British Boats in the blue and brown Baltic and Holland (John Apps)
Three Tiny Mites (Richard Bessey)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Don McDowell Trophy (John Langrick and Pat McDowell)
A Floating Home (book review by Ivor Jones)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Norman Bishop (Paul Bishop)
To Try and Try Again (Anne Boulter)
RSA Holland Cruise (John Langrick)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Live-a-board in the Mediterranean (Dan O’Herlihy)
A sad farewell to Don McDowell
A Passage (Bill Christie)

A day-trip to Gunfleet Lighthouse (Richard Bessey)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Norman Whibley - the Quiet Man (Reg Seal)
Going Dutch (Richard Bessey and Justine Selman)
OGA East Coast Rally (John Langrick)
Build me straight and strong O worthy Master (Rodney Choppin)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Close Encounter (John Walmsley)
Normandy and back (Dai Williams and Caroline Gibb)
Laying in your bunk dreaming (Rogues yarn)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Lady Hamilton's trip to the sun (Dennis Haggerty)
The Everlasting One-Design (Caroline Gibb)
Winks on the Fal (Richard Bessey)
Ditch Crawling (John Langrick)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Triumphant Goes West (John and Sheila Quillam)
A Freight to Maldon (Ron Watts)
Lady Hamilton is heading for the Sun (Dennis Haggerty)
First Time Foreign (Jon Walmsley)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Are you a tall ship? (Ron Watts)
Round and Round - Part 2 (Caroline Gibb and Dai Williams)
Creek Crawling? (John Langrick)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

To Shotley and Ipswich and back (Alan Holland)
Round and Round - Part 1 (Caroline Gibb and Dai Williams)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Two summer cruises (Richard Bessey)
RSA and Hostellers SC Pyefleet August bank holiday weekend (Steve Dowding)
My first circumnavigation of the Isle of Sheppey (John Langrick)
From Dinghy to Cruiser and back again! (Roger Frith)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

One Man and His Boats: A tribute to Jack Walmsley (Jon Walmsley)
Launch of the Gracilda (from Southend Standard, 1934)
Home to N51.35.31, E00.48.41 (Dai Williams and Caroline Gibb)
Swanti's travels (John Langrick)


September RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

Farewell Len Choppin
Hostellers Sailing Club Nearly Won the first Dinghy race!
For the love of boats (John Langrick)
Oops Ruth (John Langrick)

February RSA Newsletter (pdf) featuring:

The Last Race (archive 1961)
The Years Roll By (Ron Watts)
En route to Les Sables D'Olonne (Caroline Gibb and Dai Williams)
To Maldon this time! (John Langrick)

Tony Hudson's memories of Snipe in the 40s
Havengore: a sceptic's guide from Dennis Haggerty


Tess in France part 1
Tess in France part 1
A trip to Faversham with Swanti


RSA newsletters

September newsletter


RSA newsletters

July newsletter
February newsletter

1973 (RSA beginnings)

Roach Sailing Association formed to represent yachtsmen on the river Roach

Letter to yachtsmen (invitation to join)

1973 (Maplin Airport)

Part of our Heritage (part 1) and (Part 2)

Wakering Small Boat Users Association's observations on the consultation documents for the Maplin New Town and access corridors.


Paglesham Yacht Race ("The Last Race")

Postcard of Paglesham Hard at about this time

Paglesham Built by George Pattison, owner of Hope


Lylie wins Shuttlewood Cup (newspaper cutting)


Two articles by the owner of Shuttlewood Barge Yacht Dione, courtesy of the author's son Tony Hays, and Yachting Monthly:

Barge Yacht Blessings (YM March 1953)

Red Stars in the Sky (YM Nov 1953)


Death of  J. W.  Shuttlwood



Launch of barge yachy Nancy Grey (video - wmv format, 300mb)


Launch of the Gracilda


Launch of the Arthur (lighter)


Launch of the Kate


Launch of steam dredger, Tiny Mite


Paglesham Regatta


How Darwin's HMS Beagle ended up in Paglesham - by Rodney Choppin

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