Lylie wins Shuttlewood Cup, Paglesham 1959

(from local paper cutting)

Organiser of a race for cruising yachts held at Paglesham on Saturday was Mr R. S. Richards. The race started from Mr. Frank Shuttlewood's Boat Yard, and extended over a course f about 18 miles.

Because of lack of organisation the race has not been run for two years, and the winner this year was Mr Ray [Rae], in Lylie, second was Mr. Whittingham and Mr. Stout in Tiny Mite.

The cup which goes to the winner was donated by Captain R. Dennis, and the nine competing craft, ranging in weight from 14 to 2 tons, are all permanently moored or were built at Paglesham.

WINNER of this year's cruising yacht race at Paglesham on Saturday was Mr Ray in Lylie