Boats built at Paglesham

This is an index of boatsbuilt at Paglesham by Shutlewoods, Hall or previous builders. Details and photos of many of these boats can be found in the Roach Archive
VesselDescriptionYear builtBuilderOther information
Annabel Hector33' aux gaff cutter Find in archive 1900J.W. Shuttlewood
AntaeusBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Bee13 Ton1798Benjamin HubbardOwner: James Wiseman
Bird of Dawning33' Smack Find in archive 1937F.W. Shuttlewood
Cant5 Ton1789UnknownRebuilt. Owners: Elijah Wiseman, then from 1790 William Brooks, Oyster dredger
CarmentisBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]1968F.W. Shuttlewood
CharityClinker open boat (sister to Hope)F.W. Shuttlewood
CordulaBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Damaris26' Sloop, 6 ton, Stuart Turner 2cyl [Lloyds Register] Find in archive 1952F.W. Shuttlewood
Dione30' Barge yacht, 9 ton, owned by Arthur Mullet (1967) [Lloyds Register] Find in archive 1936J.W. Shuttlewood
DoreenBarge Yacht Find in archive  -F.W. Shuttlewood
Dormouse22' Gaff Cutter Find in archive  1957F.W. Shuttlewood
Echo8 Ton1795Benjamin HubbardOwner from1780 John Smith, Oyster dredger
Ethel AdaThames Barge Find in archive 1903J.W. Shuttlewood
Fair RosamondBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Faith23' aux cutter, engine: fair 1cyl, owner (1959) J. H. Groves. [Lloyds Register]1933J.W. Shuttlewood
FaithClinker open boat (sister to Hope)F.W. Shuttlewood
Fox12 Ton1796UnknownOwner: Robert Tabrum, Shopland
Friend's Goodwill12 Ton1793John KeysOwners: John Playle, fisherman, then from 1802 John Green, fisherman
Grace DarlingSouthend pleasure boat Find in archive 192?F.W. Shuttlewood
Gracilda33' cutter Find in archive 1934J.W. Shuttlewood
HalloweenBermudan sloop Find in archive 1949F.W. Shuttlewood
Hebe18.15957446808511799Benjamin HubbardBased at Burnham
Honora25' aux cutter, albin 2 cyl Find in archive 1939F.W. Shuttlewood
Hope7 Ton1801Christopher JohnsonAltered from open boat to Yawl. Owner Henry Beckwith (Gentleman) until 1805
HopeGaff open boat (sister to Memory) Find in archive F.W. Shuttlewood
Islander18' Open boat - owned for a time by Brian Graves-who also owned the smack KatieF.W. Shuttlewood
Jane15 Ton1804Christopher JohnsonOwner: Thomas Browning, oyster dredger
Jennie25' aux gaff cutter (smack), ford 4 cyl1947F.W. Shuttlewood
JoparoBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
JulieOpen boatF.W. Shuttlewood
KalabooBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Kate CK13936' Smack Find in archive 1883William Hall
Kulu41' aux ketch, Bergius paraffin 4 cyl, owner (1967) F.W. Norris Find in archive 1958F.W. Shuttlewood
La Cucaracha26' aux c.b. sloop, bmc 4 cyl1962F.W. Shuttlewood
Lady Camelot32' buchannon aux sloop, saab 1cyl oil, sail no 6321964F.W. Shuttlewood
Lady's Delight8 Ton1803Christopher JohnsonAltered from open boat to Yawl.  Owner: Elijah Wiseman. Lost 1820
Lee Eagle6 Ton1793UnknownOwners: Robert Allen, oyster dredger 1785-1800, then James Taylor, oyser dredger
Levanter36' bergius 4 cyl paraffin, aux cutter, ex-lylie Find in archive 1951F.W. Shuttlewood
Lylie(see Levanter) Find in archive -F.W. Shuttlewood
Mayfly CK393Smack LOD 33' Find in archive 1912J.W. Shuttlewood
MemoryClinker open boat [local] Find in archive  -F.W. Shuttlewood
Merle RoseBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Moss Rose11/12' open boatF.W. Shuttlewood
MudlarkOpen boat - once owned by the Sangers who lived at Buckland HouseF.W. Shuttlewood
NamekusBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Nancy GreyBarge Yacht  Find in archive 1939F.W. Shuttlewood
NeptuneBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Othona26' Harison Butler aux cutter, fitted with Stuart Turner 2cyl. Owner (1964) Lt. Cdr. J.A. Lloyd Find in archive 1937F.W. Shuttlewood
Our Boys CK92Smack Find in archive 1911J.W. Shuttlewood
Pepita-Maria IIBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Pink7 Ton1789UnknownRebuilt for Jonathan Playle
Pink6 Ton1797Benjamin HubbardOwners: Elijah Wiseman, then from 1801 John Wiseman, oyster dredger
QuintaRoach class sloop, 30' Find in archive 1963F.W. Shuttlewood
Quiz32' Smack Find in archive 1872J.W. Shuttlewood
Rose of Paglesham22' Gaff Cutter Find in archive 1957F.W. Shuttlewood
SahMawBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Saint MichelBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Saint Yves of RoselBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
SalenBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]1968F.W. Shuttlewood
SeahorseRoach class sloop, 26'6  [local] Find in archive 1964F.W. Shuttlewood
Secret28' aux gaff cutter, coventry victor 2cyl; owner (1967) James Bullock [Lloyds Register] Find in archive 1932J.W. Shuttlewood
Silver RoseBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]1973F.W. Shuttlewood
SindurBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Theme26' aux cutter fitted with Stuart Turner 2cyl; owner (1966) D. Bowen [Lloyds Register]1912J.W. Shuttlewood
Tiny MiteSmack Find in archive 1904J.W. Shuttlewood
Tiny MiteBarge Yacht  Find in archive 1956F.W. Shuttlewood
Tuppitoo32' buchannan aux sloop, sail no 2224, Volvo Penta 2 cyl oil1965F.W. Shuttlewood
White VelvetBuchannan 32' [Lloyds Register]>1968F.W. Shuttlewood
Why NotOpen boat that Frank built for himselfF.W. Shuttlewood